Today is my sis Bonnie’s birthday. She is the one Kathy and I went to visit a couple weeks ago. We talked a good deal yesterday. She lives in California and has now been isolated from her work. She is that sis I call my favorite. We grew up like “two peas in a pod”. Even though she knew nothing about the abuse of my brother while we were growing up, and didn’t know how much I had bottled up inside me, she was my cheerleader. In her mind she had me believing I could do anything and she encouraged me to do so . She has done this for both of her boys and for her husband which she lost nearly 3 years ago. I celebrate you Bonnie! God has used you mightily and is still doing so!

This topic of having The Holy Spirit and being filled with the Power of The Holy Spirit just won’t leave me alone. Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit upon his disciples before He ascended into heaven. He told them not to leave Jerusalem until they were filled with the Power of The Holy Spirit. This too happened. Today in Acts 9 Saul was confronted with a Light who was Jesus and told to turn his life over to Him. Christ told him in verse 5 to “stop kicking against the goad”. Saul was blinded for 3 days and then out of obedience, Ananias came to Saul, prayed over him and the scales on his eyes fell off. He could see again. Three days later Saul was baptized and filled with The Holy Spirit.

Today we stress the importance of accepting Christ into our lives as our Savior. We often include the fact that Christ wants to be Lord of our lives. I’m being hit with the fact that Christ cannot be Lord until we are fully committed to “being filled with The Holy Spirit and surrendered to be obedient to His every nudge (where the Power comes into existence). It is then that God can do all that he wants to do with our relationship as Father and son/Father and daughter. I’ve got a ways to go here and I don’t want to stop until I’m fully committed each and everyday.

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