The journeys of Paul throughout the New Testament are so much more real as I am reading them this time in the book of Acts. Today I’ve started reading the next book: Romans. Paul has just arrived in Rome as Acts ends and now Paul is writing a letter to those of Rome. Just reading the first chapter of Romans gives a description of life in today’s society. How sad that is. Man, left to his own, always turns to himself wanting to make himself–self-sufficient. We want to be our own god not needing our creator God.

As I started my devotions this morning and reading Oswald Chambers, he says that sin leads to death while the new creation God gives to us when we accept Christ leads to life–eternal life. There have been over 2000 years which have past since Christ’s physical time on earth. Here we are still looking just like we did then. What have we learned?

In answering my own question I have to admit I have learned that I am a man who has needed to recognize my own pride, my own desire to be self-sufficient. I needed to admit my sins and begin to confess them. I’ve had to learn to TRUST that God will use all of life to bring man back around to Him. I’ve learned that all the lessons of life man had to learn 2000 years ago are still the lessons I must learn today. I cannot live on the lessons which Paul learned. I have to learn them for myself. And then to bring this home–I cannot learn the lessons in life for my own children and grandchildren–they must learn these for themselves. Yes, I can model and teach, but the lesson must be personalized for each of them. God intimately loves each of us and each of us must come to God on our own where we begin to build our own relationship with God our Father and His Family–Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

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