Today I reread the 8th chapter of Romans. Tomorrow I will likely read it again. I don’t know of a chapter in the bible which describes in such detail the human side of living each day as well as the spiritual side of living each day. In so doing, it describes the battle therein.

What I found this morning while having my devotional time was a clarity I needed and I want to share. First of all I was reading an Oswald Chambers devotion which in part stated that teaching/learning is important, but it is only a start. If the learning doesn’t develop into character then it hasn’t completed its work. What hit me squarely between the eyes with this is the direct connection to us being “Christ-like”. We are told that Christ is molding us into His image. This is not being done only by what we know. It is done by whom we become. The character of Christ is to become the character of each one of us.

The first half of Romans 8 goes deeply into the struggle of living a life in the flesh vs a life in the Spirit. So much of this centers around belief and trust. Then, the believing and trust must be demonstrated with surrender and obedience. What hits me here is rather simple–do I worry about our present state or do I have a peace that passeth all understanding about it? I can learn the scriptures Philippians 4:6-7 which tell us to not be anxious about anything. But, if my character continues to demonstrate anxiety I will never know the peace God promises. There is a big difference between “learning” & “being”.

I’m needing to stay with this chapter for a while. When Christ went to the Cross so our sins are now forgiven once and for all, He created a pathway directly to our Father God through Himself. There’s so much more I want to learn and become as I continue this journey of human life knowing I have full access to my Father.

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