HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!! I can’t begin to fathom the intense, overwhelming emotions the ones felt who came to address the body of Jesus on that Sunday morning only to find He had done just what He said He’d do–He would rise–conquer death! But where was He? Where did He go? Over time the followers found that Jesus went to His Father, our Father. This time He went as our Savior. This time He went to forever stand in the gap that sin had created between God and His creation–man (us).

As I reread Romans 8 this morning for the third time I was given a clarity which connected the content of the entire chapter. As the chapter begins Paul is telling the frailty and futility of the flesh. We can do nothing to please God following the old laws of the land in our flesh. Works will never get us to a place of peace with God the Father. Satan wants to keep us trapped in this place of struggle. I’ve lived in this trap so much of my life! Christ not only came to conquer this dilemma, but He also gave us a Gift in so doing–The Gift of The Holy Spirit. Christ lived his life on earth being obedient to The Holy Spirit. He conquered death in so doing. We now have this Gift too.

I know I have The Holy Spirit within me because it is a promise from Jesus. But, like I wrote yesterday, if I know this but don’t live this, then my character has not been developed within. My realization for today is that the character building which takes place from our learning comes from our yielding to The Holy Spirit. He will lead us into developing the characteristics of Jesus. He will lead us as we obey Him and surrender our emotional desires/cravings so we live life as The Holy Spirit directs us to do. The chapter ends saying “we are more than conquerors”. For today, my understanding for “more than conquerors” is that we won the battle through surrender rather than fighting. The fighting was done by Jesus Christ. We win when we surrender to Him and accept and then surrender to The Holy Spirit–our GIFT! A “more than conqueror” is one who faces the battle but doesn’t enter it. Instead, he claims the VICTORY already fought and won by Jesus Christ on the Cross.

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