The book of Romans is truly one that outlines for a person the importance of accepting Christ as one’s Savior and Lord. It then goes into the struggle of living daily, fully surrendered to letting Christ be the Lord of our life–not just Savior. He concludes the book demonstrating what living the surrendered life should look like. He steps into judgment of others for the way they talk, doubt, dress, eat, etc. He makes it very clear that we in our human state have grave differences. It is not these differences which determine our faithfulness to God and it is not our “job” to evaluate them or judge them. God and The Holy Spirit will take care of this for each person/believer. Our role should more be helping others find their freedom in Christ as Christ is helping us to do the same.

Joyce Meyers writes an important piece connected to Romans 14 & 15 where Paul is writing about how we live out our walk with Christ. She tells of a time in her life where she was doubting Christ’s leadership and His calling. As she questioned God she was directed to read Romans 15:13. It says: “May the God of your HOPE so fill you with all joy and peace in believing that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing with hope.” She goes on to say that doubt was overriding her hope/her believing. Once she surrendered this the JOY of the Lord returned to her and she found the confidence to move forward with God’s calling on her life.

There is so much doubt in our world right now with the tragic results of this virus and its dominance over so many aspects of our lives/our world. I hear more and more “doubts”. Putting all of today’s devotional reading into perspective I find myself being told to believe and have hope. Don’t judge people’s thoughts but continue to believe myself. I know our God who is in control and I trust Him fully. I wait in anticipation to see just how He makes Himself better known as a result of this time.

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