To start today’s entry I want to let any reader know that this day, 38 years ago, was when I was introduced to my wife Kathy. It was a blind date. Today I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this gift has been the most significant one God has given me next to The Holy Spirit himself. I have often said that she is a second holy spirit God is using to guide me always into His path.

Today’s devotional time has once again been a time of enlightenment. I have said several times in the last couple of weeks how the book of Romans has been alive with meaning for me as I read it each day. How often I forget that our bible is the very WORDS of GOD to each of us. I do love to read and read a number of books both for my professional work as well as simply for pleasure. However, there is no other book where we can take the words and they become a SWORD to penetrate the attacks of life. It is also a LIGHT which shines in darkness. It is a HOPE for things not yet seen.

My prayer warrior most often sends me encouraging scriptures. She always says that her words are simply her words, but the Word of God is the very weapon God wants us to use to defend ourselves against the attacks of evil.

As I read today in the scriptures of Romans I find an intimacy I’ve not felt or known before. The messages within each chapter have such personal application for me. Surrendering “all of me” is taking on new meaning. Surrender is the first step of obedience, the second step is the willingness to obey what/where/when God wants us to do/or sometimes not do what we might want. How I love this God we get to serve. He never gives up on us.

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