I awoke today before morning did! It’s a couple weeks early for planting my deck pots, but the weather outlook doesn’t predict any freezing nights and I have all the plants purchased. So, today is the day!

In the chapters of I Corinthians 4-6 Paul is telling the people of Corinth to stay out of trouble and he gives explicit definitions of what the trouble is. He also says to stay away from these folks. He tells them to not judge them, but to act according to their actions. Don’t turn a blind eye to sinful actions, but at the same time they are told to not judge them. Leave judging to God. Lastly, they are told to pray for the lost ones and the ones who have turned their back onto the message of Christ. Welcome them when they return.

I love this message because it fits perfectly with our Celebrate Recovery work. I went back into some of my journals from 10 years ago and was reading my entries. I was so troubled at that time and fearful of judgment as I little by little faced the demons of my past. During this time I was not given judgment. I truly was given support and always felt welcomed. Today, I want to do the same just as Paul is outlining so well. The message of scripture doesn’t lose its power. The Word of God is always accurate, relevant and true.

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