As our world has been brought to almost a halt in so many ways from this pandemic, I’ve pondered at times what message God has in this? Regardless of the consequences, I find myself quickly being pulled into the needs of the day or just things which may or may not be needs. Nonetheless, I almost forget momentarily that the world is in crisis. Then, I go out into it and see masks, distancing, no touching, closed signs on so many places, etc. I’m quickly reminded of the crisis.

In my devotions/journaling I asked God for insights on His purposes for this time? It seemed as though He was reminding me of Elijah. During the time of Elijah the prophet on this earth, he encountered many threatening events. A very dramatic one was when he’d told King Ahab there would be a drought. After 3 years the country was in crisis. Elijah challenged the gods of Israel with his own sacrifice. The outcome was rain and the killing of all the priests of the false gods. Jezebel told Elijah she would have his head for this. Elijah fled and finally ended at Mt. Horeb. It is there Elijah hears from God. There were several crises which took place: wind, earth shaking, fire–none of which were the voice of God. Afterwards, Elijah heard the “still small voice of God”. In my journaling it was as though God were telling me that the crises of today are not His Voice. His Voice is heard when we quit listening to the crisis and turn our ears to Him.

In Oswald Chamber’s writings he says that God doesn’t send us to save the world, that is His Work. He sends us to “make disciples of the nations….” Matthew 28:19. All of this reminded me that this is one of those times when the events of the world are bringing man to his knees. I want to listen well to God’s still small voice to know when I need to respond and how to do so. It seems disciples are ready to be made.

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