By the time I finish my devotional time each morning my goal is to have found my grounding for the day in Christ Jesus. I’m ready to go into the day remembering I’m a new creation and everything is surrendered. This way I don’t take care of whatever I do in my own thinking/actions. Instead, my actions reflect what God is intending.

Well, this morning, what I find at this point in my day is my humanness. I awoke irritated and trying to focus my mind on the devotional reading and bible reading was a real chore. I asked God in my journaling what was wrong with me? It is amazing when His response is immediate and clear. He said, “it is physical in that your day yesterday triggered all your allergies to dust, and it was emotional in that your day challenged the orderliness in which you like to do any work you do.” Boy, did He nail it!

My humanness has been screaming at me this morning which is exactly what happens to me internally when my allergies are out of control. My body seems as though everything is on edge. Now that I recognize it, I can address it and surrender it.

God’s purpose for our lives is steadfast. I want my commitment to Him to also be steadfast even though a morning like today hits me. Now that I recognize what this is, I can work through it and be a better person doing so.

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