I wrote yesterday about all the planting I was to do in my garden. I was going to start just as soon as I had the blog written. Well, it started raining right at that time which lasted about 45 minutes. We needed it, but it also kept me from an early start. Instead I sat down and finished reading a book I was wanting to complete. It was the 7th book I’d read by the author, David Johnson during this stay at home order. His books all seem to center around victims of abuse. He has an uncanny way of knowing abuse and its effect on the psyche of the victim. So much so that I spend hours regrouping my own emotions after having read each book. Each one ends up with God helping the victims find Him and His place in the abuse. In times past I’d put these books down and never touch them again. I’d say they were stupid or dumb reading. I was so out of touch with the emotional me. Today I find myself being grateful someone knows how to write a book such as these and be so accurate with the descriptive patterns used. By the way, I got the planting done–in the afternoon.

Today I read the 12th chapter of I Corinthians which is the gifts chapter. I’m going to need to reread it again tomorrow. God has gifted each one of us and I want to know much more about this. In times past these have been hopes, wishes for me. Today I want to see the truth in them and believe they are real for each one of us. I’ve never doubted their truth for others, but I’ve sure doubted their truth for me. I’m asking God to show me His truth in them. Tomorrow I want to read this chapter again believing rather than hoping.

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