I don’t know if you’re interested in this little note, but it is important for me so I’m putting it here today. The note is: if you’re planting vegetables in your garden which produce their crop above ground, today through Wednesday are the best planting days. This is from the Farmer’s Almanac. Footnote: This is true if you are in zone 5. So, I’m planting all the rest of my garden today now that the danger of frost is likely over. OK, enough on that note!

There are a number of things which can start happening later this week. Idaho is going to start coming out of “stay at home” order on the 30th. It could mean that some of our ministries can start planning to re-meet again if the numbers are small enough and we meet certain other criteria which will be outlined later this week. I would think I would be excited for this and in some regards I am very glad. However, I have these clouds that hover over me as this time arrives. The clouds are ones called the “what if’s”. What if no one wants to return? What if the motivation is gone to address the issues being faced several weeks ago? What if they decided they don’t like the class or the leader–me?

It’s sad to have to admit these things, but they have been hovering over me the past few days. Today I face them and give them over to God. I am not the one who prompts men to come out of their darkness. The same Holy Spirit who has prompted me is the One prompting all others. I give this to God and His TEAM. I want to be a good servant to them.

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