As I was journaling this morning I was telling God how I’ve been awakened to a biblical comparison between today’s world event with this virus and Egypt’s plagues. Yes, we’ve only had one attack, but it has shut down a world economy and stumped mankind. God did the same with Egypt but did they turn to God? Are we turning to God or is man simply trying to find the antidote? I know that God uses all things to His honor and glory. I don’t want to come out of this pandemic and go quickly back to life as before. I pray our nation will learn from this time yet I see our nation splitting further and further apart. Lord help us.

More on a personal level, I have found this time to be one where I have felt less productive for God. I told Him I find it hard to always know what to do. His response to this was clear and immediate. He said, “My son, live for Me–that doesn’t always mean doing. I don’t measure with a ‘doing rod’. I more measure with a ‘being rod’. The doing comes more easily when you are being surrendered, being committed, and being loving and kind.”

What amazed me about God’s response to me was that this was perfectly in line with what Paul has been teaching the Corinthians in the first book. Why would this amaze me? I am human just like they were and human just like the Egyptians were during the time of the plagues. I’ve still got much to become on this journey.

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