Today is the birthday for my Aunt Billie. I only have two aunts still living. One lives locally and is my mom’s youngest sister. Aunt Billie lives in Escondido, CA and was married to my dad’s youngest brother. I’ve written about her before. She is the one who spent considerable time with me a little over a year ago helping me to know the truth about her husband (my uncle) and his thoughts about my dad’s actions while we kids were growing up. Also, while we were kids in Escondido back in the 50’s, Aunt Billie was the one who would gather all of us up and take us to the show, the zoo, and even to Disneyland! God has used her to mightily show me what love really looks like and what support actually looks and sounds like. She always had kind, loving things to say about each of us. I call her my favorite aunt because she had a way to make you feel as though you were her favorite. Happy Birthday Aunt Billie!

It is a lesson to learn about living on the positive side of life. I grew up knowing I didn’t want to be like dad saying things which crushed the spirit of others or physically harmed them. I also never wanted to sexually use or damage someone making them believe they have only a paupers purpose in life. I didn’t want to be nice like my mom but absent when harm was being done–looking helpless. My mind/emotions was driven to not live in this negative side of life. What I didn’t know was how one actually lived this positive side of life. Now that I’m almost 70 years old I still ponder this. God is always teaching and always providing good role models for us–for me.

I have learned more than anything that I can’t change who I am but I can and have changed what I believe I am. I can choose to be supportive and loving if I stay focused on the day and the moments within the day. The Serenity Prayer is a good reminder for this–“…one day at a time, one moment at a time”….

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