I had never realized how much variety I had in daily life until I could no longer participate in it. Not so long ago I would write about having a day now and then where nothing was planned and I would be so grateful for that day–feeling somewhat selfish for it, but nonetheless, thankful. Today, as I started my journaling, I was sensing I had nothing to write. Each day is so much like the day before that a sense of mundane was settling in. That was when my mind was prompted to journal about all the opportunities God has provided me. It didn’t seem that I even had to think about them, they just came to mind. These were things like: working with so many schools and districts–teachers, aides, office staff, administrators and sometimes, students. In addition, there are so many ministry opportunities provided through our church, Celebrate Recovery and the step study; restoration ministry and the men’s group for it, choir and our quartet. After all of these I have so much family that enjoys getting together often.

It is so easy to forget all the blessings God provides us! It is good to stop for a moment and reflect on them. What all of this did was take my eyes off of myself and put my focus back onto God. I don’t like realizing how selfish I am, yet, it is true. The flesh is always wanting to be served first and I stand right there in that lineup. God forgive me for my selfishness. I’m glad to get my eyes back onto YOU and all you do to provide for your kids!

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