As I continue to reflect this week on Christ’s birth to ministry years I find myself wondering what happened to Joseph, his earthly father? He’s only mentioned in the bible ahead of birth, after birth fleeing to Egypt and returning a couple years later after Herod died. He’s referenced a few years later when Christ was found at the temple “by his parents”. It ends there. When Christ enters his ministry years only Mary and his siblings are referenced. Did his earthly father and mother point him always to God his Father? Within my family structure there were ample opportunities for me to see Christ. This was more from my mom and her parents and from going to church weekly and often during the week as I got older. I’ve said in previous blog entries that I’ve spent ample time in the dark cave of my past and I thought I was done with this cave. This exercise of analyzing Christ’s childhood to ministry years makes me go back in this time to see where I hadn’t found Christ. Is there more darkness to have Christ shed Light into?

This exercise is to examine at this point and not make decisions. As I took this to Christ this morning I asked what He wanted me to know at this point? Instantly the song, “Amazing Love–Oh What Sacrifice” came to mind. The words are so powerful!

My Lord–what love is this, that pays so dearly? That I the guilty one may go free! Chorus: Amazing love, O what sacrifice. The Son of God given for me. My debt He pays and my death He dies that I might live. And so they watched Him die, despised, rejected. But oh, the blood He shed flowed for me. (Chorus) And now this love of Christ shall flow like rivers. Come wash your guilt away. Live again! (Chorus)”

This is what Christ wanted me to know at this point. How humbling and yet so powerfully wonderful!

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