Today as I began my journaling I once again began with the reflecting process of Christ’s childhood which led me to do the same with my own. There is much I began to notice about God’s involvement. God had a very specific reason for sending His Son Jesus to earth for each of our sake. However, the humbling reality for me is that He had specific intention in having me too. I have so much to awaken to in this, but just this much is so comforting.

In my devotional reading by Oswald Chambers, he says that when God is speaking to us we should not talk to others about it until the message is clear. We tend to too soon try and receive support or confirmation from others regarding what God is telling us. God is Sovereign and has no need for His child to confirm what He is saying to them through another man. I’ve struggled with this message for a long time not thinking I was worthy to hear God’s voice. Yet, in more recent years I’ve learned to trust far more in this arena.

If there is anything of late that is being confirmed daily, it is the fact that God is truly a God of Grace. As I started the book of Galatians this morning the entire theme of this small book is GRACE. My upbringing in the church was pretty much about legalism. Do this and get this, do that and get that. Doing is the key and it is doing the right thing so you don’t get what you deserve. God is made to be a god of judgment in the world of legalism. However God’s own words tells us over and over about His patient endurance waiting for us to come to Him and receive His Son as our Savior and as His Gift to us. Yes, judgment will come, but now is not the time. We are in the time of GRACE and this is the message man needs to know of our God.

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