As I wrote yesterday’s blog entry I had a heightened awareness of my need to stay with God’s leadership throughout my day. I was much more aware of my need to believe God is fully in control and stay conscious of this truth throughout the day. It isn’t that I don’t believe this, it is more that I just start doing Earnie things and when something doesn’t go right I suddenly am aware I stepped ahead of the plan. I do often find myself there.

What is standing out to me today is that Faith, Trust and Believing are critical elements in Christian living. They not only start the process, but they are elements of the lifestyle which must stay firmly in place. Then, following these 3 comes obedience. I am never to do until I practice these three ingredients. The obedience for me is my doing part. It isn’t enough that I “get my fix” of God in my life as I start the day. My obedience needs to look like checking in throughout the day as I am into my doing so that it is in full alignment with God’s leadership in my life–The Holy Spirit.

I truly want to have this practice of living deeply rooted in me. I don’t want it to be something I write about for a few day and then move onto the next “thing”. All of living each day needs to be centered around these components. I ask God to keep me right here each and every day.

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