Have you ever known someone who loved waiting patiently for something they longed for or something they deeply prayed for someone else–even themselves? I do know people who are better at this practice than others, but, to love waiting, trusting, believing that God has something rich in store, is a disciple only Christ can help us develop.

As I was praying this morning there were several people who came to mind and are in the midst of this “need to wait”. A father whose daughter is in the hospital waiting to see if the surgery will save her leg, a man who is battling his addiction and so wanting to overcome once and for all, a couple waiting to see if their offer on the “dream home” will be accepted. In each case they are having to wait. What can we do during this time?

As I was going into my prayer time I was looking out the window at the spring flowers, seeing the dawn’s light streaking through the clouds and watching the birds busily doing their nest building and food gathering. I don’t think they even know to worry if they know something is at risk. The three elements I wrote about yesterday were what came to mind for me: Faith, Trust, Believe. Is my FAITH anchored in the God I know? Is my TRUST rooted in truth that God uses all things to His honor and glory? Do I BELIEVE God’s Word to be true for me?

I am not the one caught in these particular situations, but in each case I know the individuals well. I pray God’s Spirit to surround and penetrate darkness that wants to shroud in these times. i also pray for these ingredients of faith, trust, believe to be strengthened during this time of waiting.

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