I was stricken this morning while reading the 5th chapter of Galatians. I’ve always given credible attention to the fruits of the Spirit found in this chapter, but preceding them is the list of man’s behaviors which are sinful and not of the Spirit of God. Just a couple of these behaviors are divisions and strife. As I was reading this I instantly thought of our own country’s leadership. Beyond our country is a world of countries which are struggling the same. I was asking God what I could do about this, just one man in Idaho? His response was as instant as my question. He asked me if I am living this way? Do I have a divisive spirit and do I create strife?

In the following verses which list these behaviors which pattern man are a list of the behaviors which pattern God’s Spirit. These behaviors include: kindness, peace, patience and self-control. My goal is not to be anxious over the behaviors of others, but to stay in touch with what God has asked each of His children to do–live by His Spirit’s presence within us. Wow, I really need to spend more time in this. This is another one of the lifetime lessons I have to come back to and reflect upon as well as adjust as needed. I also want to diligently pray for our country and world leaders to see the strengths of God’s Spirit within them replacing the behaviors of man without God’s Spirit leading.

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