It takes a while for the truths of these past few days to sink in and become reality. I reread my entries this morning as I reread the beginning of Galatians. In fact, the Oswald Chambers’ devotion this morning talked about the sacrifice of discipleship. He was writing about counting the cost of it. I wanted to flip the message and write–counting the cost of not surrendering to discipleship. It is probably an age thing, but when I was younger I thought it was a cost to serve God–or attempt to serve God fully. However, at the age I am today I realize just how much more awful my life would be if I hadn’t chosen Christ.

When I was deep into my counseling sessions and struggling so much trying to recognize who I am in Christ’s image–the new creation; I was told how lucky I was to be considered a successful man by man’s standards. I was asked if I knew that almost 100% of men in prison have a very similar background to mine? I hadn’t given it much thought, but I now realize how critical it was to have chosen God’s direction for my life rather than to rebel. To be honest, I wanted to serve God. I’d witnessed the consequence of rebellion in my older brothers as well as the selfish behaviors of my dad so why would I want to enter into a life of rebellion? It seemed like choosing to abuse oneself. It was a different kind of abuse, but nonetheless, abuse.

Galatians is so much about GRACE. I think more than anything, I thank God for His Grace. It is Grace–unmerited favor–which God has provided me–each one of us. How much I thank Him for this precious Gift. Without it, how lost I would be!

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