The renewing of your mind is sure easier to type than it is to complete. I think what I need to remember is that it is daily and several times during the day. I reread Ephesians 4 today and of course, my devotional readings were right in line with the discipline of this renewal.

God is always present. This is a truth that I know but don’t know how to access in times of stress. My devotionals were talking about the “gods” of our life. These gods can be selfishness, control, pride, etc. Joyce Meyer says that when we renew our mind, we seek God in the situation we lived through but didn’t find Him at the moment. What made the difference? She reminds us to picture the stressful situation working out to God’s satisfaction because we let our pride go, surrendered it, and we let go of the need to “have it our way”. What would God’s Way look like if we let it go?

There are times in my life when I need to hold fast to an action which is the “right one”. However, more times than not, I need to let go of my pride and look differently at the situation seeing it turning out with God’s Way being done. Applying this to actions at home or any other place is my lesson for this day.

And today—I get to return to the school district I’ve had to isolate from for the past few months. It will be nice to see everyone again.

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