As I began journaling this morning I expressed to Jesus how difficult it is for me to stay consciously surrendered throughout the day. It is as though the decision to be surrendered is a superficial one rather than one which runs deep within me. I don’t want it that way either. I know that God, being all knowing, knows all of this, but I’m always amazed when the devotional and scripture reading tackles the issue at hand. As I began to read my two devotionals I found their message to be focused on surrender and what that looks like. Then as I was reading the 5th chapter of Ephesians, Paul is doing a great job outlining surrender also.

When I surrender I am to give up my wish to control outcomes, my pride when the outcome isn’t mine, etc. So, instead of this, as I go back to yesterday, I am to take a moment to see what God is doing instead of what I want done. As soon as God is brought into the equation and I let go, joy enters the picture. Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit. I can’t see or sense joy in a situation if I selfishly am trying to get my way, if it contradicts God’s Way. When I surrender each day I am to ask for God’s Holy Spirit to replace my selfish spirit. I’m sure I’ve heard this a hundred times or more and even said this, but for some reason this morning, I find the message exactly what my next step is to be.

The other beautiful thing that this morning’s devotions brought into the open is that the surrender of my selfish pride/spirit and asking the Holy Spirit to be my spirit, is completing the new creation I am. When I accepted Christ into my life many years ago I became a new creation–yes. However, being one and looking like one takes the rest of my life. Yes, I am entering old age as my grandkids describe. Yet, in so doing, I will humanly look old, but my actions I pray will look like a true follower of Jesus Christ.

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