This recent decision to be sold out to Christ by daily surrendering my spirit to The Holy Spirit awakens unexpected things. I found it very timely this morning to have my devotional readings and my bible reading to be centered on flesh and spirit. Since we are both we need to take care of both, the messages were saying.

One of the messages of this morning was focused on staying silent while you are being taught by Christ during our life lessons. The author was encouraging the reader to avoid quickly assuming Christ wants this or He wants that and proclaiming an unfinished message to others as though it were Christ’s. We often jump ahead of the lesson we are being taught and then we end up never shining the Light of Christ He wants shone. We just show man’s light which doesn’t penetrate the world’s darkness. I read this and am now pondering my writing of this blog. I never want a reader of this to take a message and interpret it as God’s truth. My sole purpose in writing it is to let the readers know what daily living looks like, feels like, etc. The fact that I am presently in a big learning curve of surrendering spirit to Spirit is something I don’t want to proclaim to the world around me as having been completed. I am in the midst of a big lesson which will likely take me the rest of my life for it is one day at a time. The influence of my past abuse is something Satan tries daily to influence The Holy Spirit’s work on me and in me. This is what I want the blog to accomplish so others know they are not in isolation as I’ve felt so much of my life.

One thing I am awakening to is the human side of me sure wants to dominate. My human emotions are tied to this for when I am tired I just want to be left alone and my emotions want to take charge. This doesn’t feel Christ-like and I know it isn’t. So, I stay in this lesson “…one day at a time, one moment at a time accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.” The Serenity Prayer is such a good prayer in our recovery walk/journey.

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