I’m sure you are just as aware as I am that as soon as you make a strong commitment to grow your walk with God, that commitment will be challenged. I don’t know why I forget that one piece each and every time. Yesterday was one of those times. Earnie’s will was standing out in the front of my mind and emotions all day. Did I know this? Yes, but I had the right to be! It went downhill quickly from there and stayed there. I wasn’t going to budge from my righteousness. Five minutes of communication ahead of time would have cleared this.

Good grief, I just reread what I wrote in the first paragraph. If I were meeting with someone who just told this to me I’d ask them what they thought there next step ought to be? Of course, I know what my next step will be and yes, I will take it.

There is something that surrender doesn’t remove–choice. No matter how committed our humanness is, we still have choice. Today I will choose to start the day addressing the humanness of yesterday. I am so glad our God is a loving, forgiving God!

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