It seems that every verse I’m reading presently and every devotional I read is hitting squarely this topic to total surrender to God’s Spirit’s leading. Only one of the devotionals is new to me. The other one is a repeat and the scriptures are certainly not new to me. What is new to me is the reality of living totally surrendered. It is as though I’m reading all of this for the first time.

So much of my issue has been my belief. I’ve never felt I could be totally surrendered. In fact, outside of a very few people, I thought that total surrender was a goal to work towards, but would could never be completed in human flesh. However, God has never quit working on the root causes of my lack of belief. Finally, I do believe! A huge factor in this has been my getting my eyes off of dad’s life and completely onto Christ’s life. If I were better than dad then I could be Christ-like, I thought. Likewise, if I were better than my brother I could be Christ-like. In all of this I would lose sight of Earnie’s sin nature which was my own, not theirs. Taking my eyes off of them and putting my eyes onto Christ has enabled me to respond more fully to The Holy Spirit regarding me.

The book, The Spiritual Man, by Watchman Nee says we recognize God’s Spirit through our intuition rather than through our minds and emotions. I have a superficial understanding of intuition, but I believe there is a depth to it I will be awakening to as days progress. I want to become this man who is fully surrendered each and every day. My goal is to never lose sight of this need to daily surrender the will of Earnie to God’s Holy Spirit’s will for me.

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