The journey today will take us back to Idaho from a nice and relaxing time in Oregon. It is refreshing to come here and let your mind “be still” about so many things which seem to occupy it when home. In fact, I don’t even realize how much that is true until I get away.

This morning’s bible reading is in I Thessalonians. In chapter 4, verse 11 it says to “…endeavor to live quietly and peacefully, to mind your own affairs….” This was so fitting for me and this weekend. There are so many affairs at the present which to man need attention and they are severe items. To live quietly and peacefully in the midst of this seems contradictory to being responsible with them. However, what God is telling us through Paul’s writing is to take care of our own affairs. Somehow, we get pulled into the affairs of those around us and there are times we need to do this. God nudges us to do so. However, the direction here to mind our own affairs means we need to have our own affairs in order. If we are nudged to assist others, we will be ready to do so.

God’s Light shines for us in showing how to handle our own affairs. I may have things I want to tell others, but if what I wish to say isn’t anointed by God, I can be sure it will end up being words to the wind and sometimes words which cause an entirely new storm. Remembering this lesson as I return home will be a good assignment for me.

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