When I began this blog 4+ years ago I did so to let the reader know that once we find the freedom from our past, the journey doesn’t end. In fact, what I found about 9 years ago when I ended the 3 years of therapy and counseling was a start instead of an end. It was the start of living my life as Earnie, God’s created son who came to earth by means of my earthly parents–Harold and Opal. Up until that time I had lived to hide my past knowing it would destroy any chance of successful living in the present and future. It was deception on my part, but that’s where Satan had me bound.

Eventually, in 2015 I wrote the book, The Journey from Error to Heir. The book had three parts, The Abuse, The Secret, Finding Freedom. About 9 months following the book’s completion I began to be prodded by God to start this blog. I was realizing that there was so much more for me to learn on the freedom side of the bondage I’d live in for the 61 years prior. The book ended, but my living in freedom had only begun. Thus, the blog keeps he journey clarified.

God wants each of us to be warriors for His Kingdom work. When man gets fit for battle his body has to be tough and muscled. His mind has to be disciplined and focused. God’s warriors need to have this in place in the spiritual realm. In this part of us we surrender, we trust, we believe, we have faith, all which seem intangibles to flesh. All the mental side of us along with the physical side of us is to be kept on hold until our spiritual side is strong in order to be Kingdom warriors for God.

I could never feel strong in my spiritual side because my mental side kept me believing lies planted by Satan from my past. Today I believe more than ever that I am a child of the King and He has purpose and meaning for me just as He does for you. Growing in my spiritual realm has been such a new awakening for me. This is where I will stay for the rest of my days. I have so much to learn here!

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