As I opened my Bible this morning to II Thessalonians I started to read the preface to chapter 1. I was jolted straight up when I began to read it. It said, “Remember that rebellion and lawlessness are two of the characteristics of the end times. Be care to stay submitted to the authority God has placed in your life. Use your time wisely and spend your life doing the things you know Jesus wants you to do.” This preface is written as a synopsis of the forthcoming scriptures and their meaning in order to prepare the reader.

My grandmother was the first person I ever heard talk about the end times. She told me that when Israel became a nation in 1948 she had thought that was going to be when Christ came. She emphasized the importance of what the above synopsis says, “…Use your time wisely and spend your life doing the things you know Jesus wants you to do.” Grandma truly did this. Wherever she was, she was witnessing for Jesus Christ. If Jesus ever needed a cheerleader he would have chosen grandma for she was truly sold out to Him!

II Thessalonians is only a 3 chapter book. But, it is all about Christ’s return and our need to be ready for it. I don’t spend a lot of my time talking about the end times, but I am not in hiding about it either. There are many biblical signs around us today indicating this time is approaching and likely here. Each of us needs to be ready for this time too. Ready simply means having our relationship and trust found not in man, but in Jesus Christ Himself. This is truly how I want to close out my life regardless of how long the end times last.

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