This morning Paul is giving Timothy a great deal of information about being a good leader. Sometimes I wish I could put my life in reverse, back up so I could redo my earlier years. I am not talking about my childhood. I’ve never wanted to reenter those years . It was bad enough reentering them through the years of counseling. What I’m referencing today are the younger adult years. These years were absent of sound mentoring like Paul is giving Timothy in chapter 3 of I Timothy. I know that I had read this chapter and the others in these two little books but I had no one taking the information and helping me process it into my actions and decisions at the time.

When I read Oswald Chamber’s devotional this morning he had written about disillusionment. His writing was helping me see that when we are working with and socializing with others, we must be careful to not overly criticize or judge. We can get disillusioned when we have expectations for others which don’t fit them. We need to see beyond present behaviors and ask God to help us see others as He does. The time of judging man is never ours. God has an appointed time for which He will judge. He asks us to discern and to pray for discernment. I needed help with this area in my younger years and sometimes I do today. God sees all men as His creation just as you and I are. He sent Jesus to die for us and give us first hand opportunity to come to Him. So, He sure doesn’t want me judging or criticizing as I get close to others. He wants me to help, support, love and discern just as Jesus modeled so well.

This is my lesson for today!

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