The journey of life is not to be taken lightly. Each morning as I get to this point in my day where I sit down at the computer to write this entry I reminisce the previous one. Sometimes this is easy and even rewarding. Others are ones I’d like to steel off as I learned to do as a child. Still others are ones where I seemed to forget I was suppose to be seeking God and I only sought my own self. All of this certainly shows my humanness. However, each and everyday, I renew my commitment to serve God well, listen to His Holy Spirit as He nudges, and respond to each nudge as it comes. Do I do well with this? Reading those three categories above answers that. I don’t tally each day to see where I light, but always my goal is to have each reflection be easy and rewarding because my obedience has been sound.

Today I go to church early because our quartet is leading worship. At noon time our Celebrate Recovery leadership is meeting. In both cases the ministries look very different than before this current crisis. I keep wanting to have them go back to the way they were before all of this hit. However, I need to not steel off the crisis we are in. Many people say we are in the last days. I don’t doubt that’s true. However, I don’t know how to respond to it. I write this last sentence and I hear God’s voice say to not respond to “it,” but, instead, Respond to ME.

Yesterday’s message was about disillusionment. I don’t want to be living where I judge others. I want to support and to respond to God’s nudges with obedience that looks like support. I pray for God’s strength to do this well and that I will not steel off the reality of today, nor will I try to interpret reality through my own thinking. Instead, I will respond to my One True God–Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit He has given me.

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