I’m sure you have heard the quote: “take all thought captive”. It is actually scriptural coming from II Corinthians 10:5. When I wrote yesterday about the dreams of the previous two nights, I had told no one about all of this. To be honest, these times cripple me leaving me feeling as though I have so many things wrong. They destroy confidence. Telling my prayer warrior and writing yesterday’s blog did just what I was to do–tell. The dreams were beginning to connect to those of my younger adult years when I was so lost. Those were years of hiding and severe torment. By simply telling, they are now gone. Last night I slept far better than I usually do. I remember getting into bed and that’s about it.

Taking thought captive is what we are to do but I am helpless to take a crippling thought captive on my own. This action is accomplished when I surrender the thought to the one’s God has given me to fight by their prayers and support. It was a good lesson for me and a good reminder for me to not go back to habits of youth where I kept in secret these actions. My confidence is not found in my personal strength. My confidence is found in my humility to admit and surrender for these are spiritual battles which are fought and won God’s way–not mine.

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