II Timothy 2 starts with this message: “So you, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” I’m giving my testimony this coming Thursday night for our own Celebrate Recovery group. Why in the world would I be uptight about this? I’ve done it annually now for 11 years. These folks know me best. In addition to these times, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve told my story to other groups. Yet, these last two nights I have been unable to sleep. I keep having dreams which awaken me with confusion and anxiety. When I got up this morning and started my devotions I was journaling about all of this. It was then that I felt God’s nudge to tell my prayer warrior (why I hadn’t thought of this is beyond me!). She isn’t usually up that early in the morning, but today she responded almost immediately with verses and promises God has for each of us (me) in our times of distress.

In my past I’ve tried to “bite the bullet” with these anxiety attacks keeping them to myself knowing they will pass once the time (event) is over. God has been teaching me that “telling” is what He wants done. It not only allows Him to take charge, but it also gives others the chance to do the part God wants them to do. Why would I have a prayer warrior if I don’t allow them to fight in prayer? Even though my guts may be in knots right now, I am confident that God is going to be glorified just as He always is when we surrender to Him.

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