Yesterday was a day of activity, not rushed, but one event following another. It ended with our Celebrate Recovery meeting and my sharing my testimony. There were three people who came that don’t normally attend. They had seen the Facebook post I’d done. It is difficult to write about this as I don’t want it to sound like–“boy, did I do good.” It was a humbling, yet rewarding time to see how God uses one’s story to prompt others to step into their own telling what has been bottled up inside them as a poison. One young man was a great example of this. He has been coming for a year or so and just couldn’t quit wiping tears as he shared in our small group time.

This morning I’ve struggled with writing today’s entry. I personally feel spent–emotionally. However, right beneath the emotional sense is a gratefulness for God’s relentless love and grace He bestows on each of us. I give much attention in my story to God’s help separating struggle from identity. He wants our identity to be in Him, not in the circumstances of whatever our lives have been. This piece was mentioned by almost every man in attendance. We all struggle with this topic. We think God sees us the way we do. This is such a lie from Satan. God sees us as He created us. If we have accepted Christ Jesus into our heart He sees us through the cleansing blood of His Son Jesus. We are seen as white as snow! It has taken me a life time to get to this reality of truth. God is truly a God of Love and Grace. How much I love and thank Him for this!

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