Does 20-20-20 have any significance other than being the first day of summer?

Today I head to a couple’s place to do yard work for them this morning. They each have some debilitating issues not allowing them to do the work they used to do. So, I’m joining a few others to do the yard while our wives do the house cleaning. I selfishly wanted to have this day to be in my own yard and I’ll be back to do this for the afternoon. However, my own humanness wants to step in and say, “Let those others take care of this need.” I know that when Kathy and I leave we will be very glad we came. Sometimes fighting our flesh just has to be done in order to do what God nudges.

If you want to have some things to ponder–read the 3rd chapter of Titus. Paul is giving Titus some good insights to share with the people of Crete. The similarities to our own present world situation have some real commonalities.

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