I don’t know if you are like me in this, but I find myself journaling each day asking Jesus to help with this or that. I do spend time reflecting on His wonderful presence and worshiping Him, but I think most about how I need Him with this and that. Today, I was stricken with the truth that Jesus more than anything wants a relationship with us. God didn’t create you and me so He could do things for us. He created us to fellowship with us.

As I was pondering this reality of fellowship with God, I began to awaken to the loss of joy God wants us to have with us as we live each day. A good case in point is today. I have two of my grandkids coming to earn money for their summer camp. I’ve been mentally busy creating a list of “things” they can do to keep them busy while at the same time meaningful. The truth is, I’m just looking forward to being with the two of them. They are a lot of fun “joy” to have with you. However, if I get lost in the “doing” I miss out on the joy of “being” with them. Maybe God’s heart is a lot like the heart He gave to a grandpa who wants more than anything to simply be with you. He also enjoys helping out as you request, but the greatest desire is to just be with you.

What an amazing God we get to fellowship with and to serve. I want to keep fellowship in the forefront rather than the serving.

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