I started the book of Hebrews this morning. At this point in my life I’ve lived long enough to become fairly well acquainted with the characters in the Bible. Paul, being the author of several books in the New Testament, gives you much insights into his own life and person. When I read each book I tend to read it from the lens of the writer. Paul was concerned about the people in each book written so he sent a letter. He’d usually reference why he was concerned too which would tell you things about himself.

As I began reading Hebrews I noted that the author of it is unknown. It started to be perplexing to me because the book has tremendous insights for each of us. I just have to then take what is written as being very personal and the writer being God. I know that all of the Bible’s message is from God to us but I usually don’t get to that point until I work through the writer’s first intent and then I also apply it to me.

OK, that being said, I read Hebrews 1:14. It says: “Are not the angels all ministering spirits sent out in the service of those who are to inherit salvation?” This verse made me think back to a most traumatic moment in my counseling/therapy 8-9 years ago. The counselor was doing EMDR (a therapy used for PTSD) with me and we were addressing shame. At the end of the session I was so heavily laden with the weight of it I was unable to move. In fact, I was so weighted down I could barely whisper. The counselor had told me if I were unable to lift the weight of the shame then as God to send His angel to help. In my head I asked for this assistance but no one came. The counselor asked me what was happening and I whispered, “No one came but then no one ever came during those times of abuse and the damage all of it had done.” She told me to not believe that lie and to ask again. This time there were two beings present. Somehow I knew it was God and Jesus but I sure can’t explain how I knew this. My spirit simply recognized them. They lifted the weight and then they were gone. As I left the counseling session my counselor reminded me to thank God and Jesus for coming to help. While I was driving back I said thank you to God and Jesus and then asked why they didn’t send an angel? Instantly I heard in my mind this statement, “We didn’t send an angel because we wanted you to know you matter to Us.” Good grief, I was so taken back by this response I had to pull off the road as I wept. I never knew they cared that much for me.

All these years later I find something in this scripture I’ve not noted before. The angels protect us, God heals us. When Christ and God came that morning they were removing the shame from me which the therapy had brought out. This is the work of Christ and Christ alone. This is why Christ died on the cross for each of us. What an amazing God we have!

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