A few weeks back one of my grandsons and his friend helped me prepare our pool for filling and use. I bought the chemicals and a new pool cover for the season. We found three tiny leaks in the lining while cleaning it which I’d never had happen in the past 22 years. I thought it was fine after patching them and began to fill it only to have many more begin in a particular area. It is 24′ round. I “hate” dealing with this so I wanted to dismantle the thing and give the grandkids something to do besides swim. (That didn’t go over so well!) I finally ordered a different type and slightly smaller one. This one I will dismantle each fall when the season ends hoping the winter doesn’t destroy things (if that’s the problem). Yesterday I returned the cover and when I got home the new pool had arrived. Today we will set it up.

I write all of the above because this is a perfect example of what makes me anxious–to the point of not sleeping at night. I just want to do away with things like this. However, putting my trust in God in all things as yesterday’s scripture says is remarkable. It is one thing to be obedient and finally do what we are to do. It is another thing to do it with confidence that it is not about my skills, but God’s. Having the Holy Spirit within me (the POWER of the ALMIGHTY) doesn’t give me skills, but it is to give me the confidence that in spite of my skills, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

The 4th chapter of Hebrews challenges me to stop giving so much attention to my anxiety and lack of skills and to confront it with God’s assurances/promises as scripture tells. This is what Christ did throughout His ministry years and He asks us to do the same. It is such a silly example–a pool–however, it is a big one for me.

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