Last night at Celebrate Recovery I taught the lesson on Daily Inventory. I had prepped for it a couple times and then again yesterday late afternoon before heading over to the church. It was then while doing the last prep that I began to hear the Holy Spirit challenging me with the content of this lesson. Doing a daily inventory is done through journaling and responding to a few questions analyzing your day and how you responded to it. However, the deeper part of the lesson is what happens for each of us when we are responsibly doing this.

It has been in my journaling that I have found the intimacy of my spiritual heritage–God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Daily tuning in to them by confessing, asking, listening and responding I’ve found the most loving TEAM one could ever find. I’ve known what the scriptures have said about God’s love for us and that we are to love others as we love ourselves. However, I’ve needed to move this information from my mind to my heart. I had to believe what the scriptures say as truth for me. This is what God has done over the last couple of years.

Life can teach us so much that Satan takes and drills into our minds as truth. This always contradicts God’s TRUTH. It has been the daily journaling which has allowed me to not only find the reality of this awesome relationship God wants with me, but also to begin finding His promised strength to do what I’ve never been able to do before–BELIEVE! Isn’t our God AMAZING?!!

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