Our God Team: God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit as truly AMAZING. I have been reading Hebrews of late in my devotions. The author of this book is said to be unknown. However, the title of the book: Hebrews, tells us it is written to the Jews–the new converts to Jesus and His Grace rather than God and His laws. Now, over 2000 years later, God is still trying to get me to turn away from following laws so I can live in Christ Jesus’ promised Grace.

Satan loves to have each of us bound up in bondage to anything which diverts our attention from the loving GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our flesh, human wisdom, seems to think laws are the only answer so we seek them out only to find we get lost in them. Looking at our own country’s present state demonstrates just how much man gets lost in his laws and trying to carry them out man’s ways. We have never been so divided as we presently are. Our nation’s eyes are turned away from this freedom promised by God through His Son Jesus and are now looking only to the laws of man. I would love to see our nation shift back to seeing God, but for this present moment, God is wanting me to not get lost in this. He wants me to keep my eyes on Jesus and help others to do the same.

At first when our pandemic began I found myself waiting for this crisis to end so I could get back to life as it was. I now realize this isn’t going to happen (at least anytime soon). So, how do I join God in this time? This morning as I asked Him this question I heard His nudge to look up. When I did I saw life, freedom and opportunity. At this point I only know these three ingredients are awaiting for me (us) to join them. So, instead of wondering what I will do, I will step into this day and each day believing there is life, freedom and opportunity in this day which I will join God in attaining. I’ll see just what that looks like for this day as my day with Him begins!

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