Yesterday was quite an amazing day. Once church was over I went out to pick the raspberries and had over 2 gallons before I’d gone through the inside of the patch. I took all of them to our neighbors who have 4 children. They seemed thrilled. I then came home and picked 2+ more gallons. I changed clothes quickly and went to a graduation party and once home I made 5 batches of jam–20 pints. All of this was done with a relaxed sense that God is in control and He really is.

Our pastor’s sermon yesterday was all about letting God be the one in control of our day rather than inviting Him to join us in our day–we join Him. I knew this message was for me, but I also know that God is wanting each of us to know this message from Him. The pastor tied it to the word compassion. He said God wants us to be compassionate as He is and if we join Him, we will exemplify this Godly compassion. I sent the pastor a text later in the day because my blackberries are almost ready to start picking and I tend to not share them and they are his favorite. So, I my text said that the next time he is inspired to preach a sermon as today, delay it until the blackberry season is past! It is hard to be selfish when God and man are telling you the same message!

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