Hebrews is wrapping up soon and today’s message in chapter 12 is the challenge to live life to the fullest striving to run this race with our eyes solely on the prize at the end–life with Jesus Christ! I’ve only run a few races in my life. I was told I was fast and could do well, but none of us boys were allowed to participate in sports. The cows had to be milked morning and night and this was first on the priority list.

Life’s race we are in today is different than the one on the track at high school. This race has the opportunity for each one of us to win the ultimate prize–Heaven with our Lord and Savior. The author of Hebrews tells us to keep our eyes focused only on the goal–the prize at the end. It is easier said than done, but saying it is the start. The beauty of living out the race is that we get a fresh start each and every day. Even at this ripening age of mine I find that the race is not different. Yes, what the world around me is doing may be different than 50 years ago, but my purpose in the world is not different. God wants me focused on Him. Starting my day with Him and listening well to His Spirit within is my intent–trusting and obeying this voice is my obedience. Each day I get to choose this route for the journey. I never want to question or stray from it. God’s Light is the only Light I want to follow!

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