Yesterday morning was spent getting the word out about the virtual Celebrate Recovery Summit on July 30&31. There are several from Sunday’s meeting who committed to work on this. I had nothing but positive response and some commitments to attend with us at our church doing it on the large screen. I found it disturbing to awake this morning a little before 4:00 am to have my mind filled with all the obstacles which will impede any attempt to grow the Celebrate Recovery ministry or the Restoration ministry classes starting this fall. Every positive we had talked through on Sunday was met with a bigger negative as my mind processed this. As I write this I’ve given all of this to God. I know this fear is about me and my own personality. I’m always eager to challenge a problem. Addressing the obstacles as genuine barriers never enter my mind until an initial plan is in place. It is then the what if’s begin to appear. This morning they appeared as boulders! So, I will lean on the promises of God for this is His Work we are joining, not the work of man.

I will say that if the present pandemic were facing us 12 years ago when we first started the Celebrate Recovery ministry, we wouldn’t have even begun. At that point in my life I didn’t have the confidence in the faith that God would use me and others no matter what obstacles stood in the way. I saw the obstacles more than I saw God. Today I still have the fears but I also have the God of Miracles to give them to. How grateful I am!

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