Our God is certainly magnificent! I’m so grateful for God’s reminder yesterday morning to stay awake to the entire day rather than just the meeting to take place after lunch. Every aspect of the day was orchestrated by God and I would have missed much of it if I’d stayed in the state of mind I was in as I awoke yesterday morning. Remembering to trust God and thank Him for being able to take part in His Work is what I was missing.

The meeting yesterday did go so well. The heart of each participant was seen and heard. Gathering the hopes and dreams from each one and then the obstacles which seem to be in the way makes it easy to put the prayer list together. It also makes it easier to know where God is in all of it and whether we are to let certain ones go as they are about us and not Him, or watch the obstacles crumble because God is “making the way possible”.

I love how God works and how He takes us by the shoulders and turns us in His direction as we attempt to do His bidding. He is an amazing God and I never want to forget this.

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