Each Thursday morning I meet with a gentleman who comes to our home. This man has his own struggles and is working to overcome. We are going through a book entitled, I Give You Authority. It is one we chose because so often in recovery each one of us butt up against our belief system that we are unworthy of any healing due to our past. We may know this isn’t true but our day to day living doesn’t often act as though we believe it.

This book was suggest to me for the two of us by my prayer warrior. When I had asked her to be praying for this man she asked me to consider taking him through this book. I must tell you that it is not only a huge help for him but also for me. The author does an excellent job allowing the reader to grow in the understanding that it is not so much what we know about God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, it is far more about how much time we spend with them. As we sup with them daily and throughout the day, our intimacy grows with them and we develop more and more of the Christ-like characteristics and beliefs.

This is exactly the way Christ lived while here on earth. Scripture tells us in all of the gospels how Christ would go away on his own to spend time with His Father. In so doing, God continued to minister to His Son, lead and guide Him and acknowledge Him for Who He really is. He wants to do the same for you and me if we will grow our time spent with Him. He doesn’t want to just be our GOD. He also wants to be our most intimate Friend. I sure want to grow in this area allowing my belief system to more fully understand who I am in God my Father.

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