Today I am tackling something I’ve been putting off for years. I am far from a mechanic. Even though I can often know what a problem is, dealing with it or repairing it is beyond me. My pickup has had one of these issues for several years. I don’t drive it often so I’ve put off dealing with it. However, the problem is worsening so the time has come. I’ve made the appointment for this morning. Kathy is following me in and I’m leaving it. Even though I know the people well who own the business, I have a huge, anxious spirit. I look forward to it being fixed, but….

I write this because this example typifies my level of trust with things I don’t know. I’ve always said I’m not one to procrastinate, but I procrastinate to the extreme when I’m dealing with unknowns such as this. If there is anyway possible I can live with the problem, I will instead of tackling it and finding out how “stupid” I was in having it fixed. This is “old me” talking I know, but this is real me in the present who needs to take this step into faith.

I am not sure what God is wanting me to learn from today’s lesson, but I do know He has been nudging me to take the step being taken today. I’ll be glad when the unknown is known and what the learning is to be from this step. This is such an example of knowing what I know, but living each day what I believe instead of know. I sure need to grow my “believing”!

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