Well, let me address yesterday—as I left the pickup and explained the problem/s, I was told it is likely _____________ and it will be about $2,500.00 which the pickup is barely worth. I left it and went to address some car items for my daughter which were scheduled and simply maintenance (I’m good at dealing with them). Later when I called to see what I was up against with the pickup, I found that their concern wasn’t the problem and it would be a few hundred rather than a few thousand to repair it! My anxiety I spoke about yesterday? Well, God tells me to give it to Him rather than carry it around for years as I had done. The problem with the pickup has always been the same. My fears are what made it worse and my not addressing the fears continued the anxiety. A very strong lesson.

Today’s devotional message from all sources centered around something else God is wanting me to address–bearing fruit. I’m praying for the ministries I work with–Celebrate Recovery and Restoration Classes. God is asking me if I am ready to be a “tree planted by the river of water bringing forth its fruit in its season?” (Psalms 1:3) The devotionals both spoke of bearing fruit and I John chapter 3 talks about showing and living God’s love, not living my biases.

I loved the analogy of my life being like a tree which bears God’s fruit. This tree gets its nutrients from the “river of life–God’s life” which it is planted by. If this is true I will attract those who desire the fruit. The fruit is tasty and safe to eat. It actually brings healing to the soul of man. This fruit is noticed particularly by those living in shame, guilt, mistrust and the list goes on. I can’t do this on my own. This is what God transforms in us as we continue to walk with Him daily and surrender the biases of life we (I) possess which tell others our fruit can’t be trusted.

God is so amazing! He wants my work—our work for Him to be His Kingdom Work which can only be done if our source of strength comes from His river of life.

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