Today is Kathy’s birthday–my wife of almost 38 years. She left last Sunday for Wallowa, OR to be with her sis and to be in her old stomping ground. One “friend” who heard that she had done that and I wasn’t going up until today said that my absence was my gift to her–5 days without me! I think we know that a good spouse completes us in so many ways. This has been my truth with Kathy throughout our years together. She and her family have taught me so much about love and loving. All I knew about love from my childhood is what I wouldn’t do when I could make my own choices. Little did I know about what I was to do. Then there is all I’ve been writing about “believing” that I have a love nature just as God is Love. I’ve deeply loved God and thanked Him so many times for giving me the gift of Kathy.

Today I head to Wallowa along with our youngest daughter and her family. It is always nice to get away for a while. I think the test will be on Mary, Kathy’s sis where everyone is staying! I’ll give you a little report on this tomorrow! The journey today–Wallowa!

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