I was having a difficult time getting into the website this morning so I could write today’s entry. I had given up on doing so with my laptop and thought I’d try to do it with my phone. Everything was slow but I did get into the writing portion of the website on my phone. As I was going to close down my laptop I saw that it was finally at the right page so I can now do the writing on it. That is much easier.

Kathy’s special day was a fun one. Kathy and Mary had come across a gentleman from North Carolina who was traveling across country with his pickup and travel trailer. He is a single man, airline pilot, on his maiden voyage. They invited him to put his trailer on the property as he was searching for a way to lengthen his time in Wallowa County and enjoy the scenery. He was just another added bonus to the day. Mary was well prepared for all the company and the addition of two more dogs.

Being love, accepting love and giving love are good topics and easy to see in others. It’s a tough topic for self analysis (at least for me). I watch these two sisters and they don’t seem to struggle with this at all. The gentleman here told me last night the second half of his childhood was in foster care and he’s had a good deal of therapy in order to accept life. This opened the door for me to mention a little of my own background. It was a busy night so we agreed we’d talk more when it was convenient.

God is always opening new doors of opportunity. I want to be ready and let His Light so shine.

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