I’m into Revelation in my bible reading. What a mysterious and yet revealing book. I can’t fathom John’s experience of being taken in spirit and seeing/experiencing all that is written here. The book already mentions twice the 7 Spirits of God which are The Holy Spirit. Yet, no definition is given that I can find for these 7 Spirits. I know that The Holy Spirit is Christ’s Gift to each of us when we accept Him in our hearts. Yet, to know The Holy Spirit is 7 Spirits is yet another mysterious element I’d sure like to know more about.

To think that this flesh of ours is so dominant here on earth and it will die allowing our spirit to then reign forever is something I look forward to with much anticipation. It is incredible to me how much flesh dominates our world. God has become less dominate and man’s ways are fighting to be known as “the best”. How sad our present state is. I know this is all predicted in God’s Word and here we see it with our own eyes.

The present journey has me in a state of mind which saddens. I know God wants me to know our world’s present state and to also know it is a temporary one. He ultimately wins! I will love to see the day when all of man worships our God forever and ever!

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