Today will hopefully be one to remember. Three of our grandsons were to go to church camp last week. It was the only year they could all go at the same time due to their ages. Then, the camp was cancelled due to the pandemic. They are all 3 coming tonight to do a mini-camp over night in our yard. Kathy and the moms are putting together a dinner for them and I’m getting a “chapel experience” together. They’ll sleep in a tent in our yard and I’ll shut the zone of sprinklers off so they don’t get drenched about 2:00 am!

I’ve been waiting for things to come together so we will be able to have our classes this fall as in the past couple years. It is looking less likely this will happen by mid-September as far as our church houses the classes. I’ve quit looking for “things to normalize” and have begun to ask God how He wants this to happen if He this is part of His Kingdom plan for the fall? I’ve felt nudged to consider different locations for the classes other than the church. This seems almost like a no-brainer in some ways. There are those who won’t come to the church for the topics we address even if they’d like because the church is a place where they might be recognized.

I do love this God we serve. I’m still working on The Seven Spirits of God. The 7 seems to refer to perfection for God has used 7 multiple times throughout the Bible and our world’s creation. Revelation refers to the number 7 multiple times, but there is little about the 7 Spirits of God except that God consists of them. It will sure be fun to have all of these answers when heaven’s door opens for each one of us.

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